Professor Freddy Ohworode AGOREYO

Professor Freddy Ohworode AGOREYO (BDS., M.Sc., Ph.D.)

I am delighted to welcome our new and returning students, and staff of the School of Basic Medical Sciences. For the new students, I can guarantee you that your time here will be filled with motivating, exciting, and scholarly prospects to build excellent careers in Medical Sciences. The School of Basic Medical Sciences was established in December 2003 as one of the constituent Schools in the College of Medical Sciences and finally took off in January 2004. Presently, the School consists of seven (7) Departments and has undergraduate programmes for Bachelor degrees in Anatomy, Medical Biochemistry, Medical Laboratory Sciences, Nursing Science, Physiology, Physiotherapy and Radiography. In addition, some Departments in the School offer postgraduate programmes in various areas of specialization. The School provides services for the Schools of Medicine and Dentistry as well as the Faculties of Life Sciences and Pharmacy.

This handbook, carefully put together to meet your needs, provides information on the human capacity,academic curricula programmes and University regulations operated in the School. While the School of Basic Medical Sciences may be your academic home, the College of Medical Sciences and University staff/administration are your larger support community dedicated to your success. Irrespective of your cultural and academic backgrounds, an admission into the School of Basic Medical Sciences offers you a fresh start. Good time management, self-motivation and hard work are keys to success. Hard work bears fruits and those who sow in tears reap with songs of joy. Do not give up or be weary when you encounter difficulties in this academic journey. When faced with challenges, endeavour to get appropriate help from your course advisers and lecturers as soon as possible. If the difficulties are too enormous for your course advisers and lecturers, feel free to approach your Heads of Department, the Assistant Dean or Me.

We hope that you will graduate with excellence and become professionals with deep and extensive knowledge. Remember to work hard, aim high and adhere strictly to the University rules and regulations. Never underestimate your capability and go for your passion.

I wish everyone a safe and successful academic year.

Professor F. O. Agoreyo

Dean, School of Basic Medical Sciences.