Dr. Kayode Israel OKE
BMRPT, M.Sc., Ph.D.
Ag. Head, Department of Physiotherapy


The University of Benin is one of the first generation Universities in Nigeria which is providing leadership in academic training and manpower development in Nigeria and even beyond.
Furthermore, the University of Benin is well and most properly situated to provide training of manpower in one of the major health care professions, Physiotherapy, which she was not offering as a course of training before now.
The location of the University of Benin as the first generation Federal University in the South-South geopolitical zone will make starting a training programme in physiotherapy a unique and novel development. The addition shall make the University continue to maintain her leadership in manpower development and economic empowerment in Nigeria as this training programme is currently not available in any other in the zone.
The need to train physiotherapists as members of the health care professions has become more important than ever judging by the present global epidemiological shift from infectious to chronic diseases making rehabilitation very relevant. Also, the divergent major roles physiotherapists now play not only in the hospital setting, but also in the industrial and educational settings, sports organizations and physical fitness programme has made their relevance more important than ever before.